China and the censoring of the Internet

Joseph Farah has posted an article on this at WorldNetdaily. Frankly, I’m not surprised. The great majority of companies have only one god – the almighty (in their view) dollar. Such trivial concerns as freedom or tyranny, freedom to worship God or not, simply cannot be allowed to interfere with the bottom line. Nor is it just Google, Yahoo!, and similar search engines that have been accused of this. Companies such as Micro$oft and similar large corporations have also been accused as well. Few are the companies who are not amoral when it comes to money, though they would spin hard to have us believe otherwise.


Barbie With a Prayer Mat

I read this article “Bestseller in Mideast: Barbie With a Prayer Mat” in the latest Berean Call ‘Be Alert’ newsletter. As Scott Brisk (webmaster for the newsletter) said “I can just see what’s next: SUICIDE BOMBER BARBIE! She walks, she talks, and then she blows up. Comes complete with strap on explosive device, realistic detachable limbs and a video containing Barbie’s will, final message to family members and Islamic Jihad propaganda. Also comes with a long range remote so you can frighten your friends. Just push the Crescent Moon shaped button and she shouts “Allah Akbar” and then….”

Mind boggles…

Open evil culture warfare

As in my previous post, there is an open warfare going on against the innocence of your children, parents. As in this article “Dad on trial over homosexual book” at WND. So it’s now becoming a crime to want to protect your children?? Blimey, this agenda to subvert children to this evil mindset has become so open (As BillyD said in the comments of my last post) that even the most blind should see it, but many don’t. I say again – get your kids out of these indoctrination camps if you love them.

Update: MOnday 26/9/05

Difster made an excellent point on this matter, something I missed because I was too eager to pillory the school concerned. He pointed out that the father deserves no pity because he should not have his son in a school that teaches such evil anyway. An excellent point, with which I agree. Thanks, Dif.

New book promotes sex with children

An article on WorldNetDaily quoting multiple Ph.D ‘experts’ (ex = unknown quantity, spert = drip under pressure) as saying Pederasty is good for children.

This is the lowest of the low, what the Bible was talking about when describing evil being called good (it also says woe to those who do so).
Few things have the power to get me angrier than people like this seeking to make it ok to fulfill their evil lusts on the innocent. I’m furious right now, and it’s just as well one of these people is not in front of me right now, as I’m not sure I could restrain myself from doing them some damage. It doesn’t get much more evil than this!

It seems anyone can proclaim themselves an expert these days and people are silly enough to listen to them uncritically. And as for these people getting a Ph.D?? It shows where modern ‘education’ is at doesn’t it? Home school your children and keep them OUT of these mind-poisoning factories at ALL costs.

Oops! I got conned..

Back in July I posted these storm photos, believing that they were taken locally here. Not so. They were actually taken by Mike Hollingshead in Ohio in 2004. Snopes has the details on their site.

The shots were originally sent to me by my niece who honestly believed what someone had sent her…. It just shows. I’ve been on the net for quite a few years but still get taken in now and then. Ahh well.