Obama’s personalized presidential seal

Revealing, indeed.

Featuring an eagle clutching arrows and an olive branch, the seal contained a Latin phrase for a touch of gravitas that roughly translates to “Yes, We Can.”

Asked to explain the new seal, Obama spokeswoman Jen Psaki said, “It’s a mix of presidential politics and a call for hope and change.”

Perfectly appropiate for the Obamamessiah.    Hope!!  Change!!



If Obama becomes President in in the US….

… there may be a few changes made, along the lines of the following..

A new paint job for the Presidential jet, perhaps?

Camel One

or perhaps some new furnishings for the oval office, along with a new dress code?

New Oval Office

also, since many are convinced that HopeChange (TM) must come into effect, perhaps this will make you think again…

You want change?

Flippin’ heck, the thought of this man getting into such a powerful position gives me a case of the pities for my friends there in the US.    Not that the thought of Hillary or McCain getting into power makes anyone but the deluded feel good for them.    America, how the heck did you allow this?    By being sucked in by Political Correctness, for a start.   PC is just a way the socialists have managed to change our very language to mean something other than what it used to mean.

Al-Dura Trial: Karsenty Wins in Paris

It’s always good to see the good guys win.

I’ve seen nothing on this in the Mainstream Media, not that that surprises me mind you. This news comes from HonestReporting.com, an organisation brought into being specifically to try to keep said MSM honest by shining some truth on biased reporting against Israel by the MSM.

Some quotes:

To recall, France 2 successfully sued Karsenty who then appealed against the verdict. At the appeal trial, some of the raw footage taken during that fateful day in Gaza was aired to a packed courtroom that witnessed numerous examples of “Pallywood” staging of events. France 2, however, only made available some 18 out of 27 minutes of footage that apparently exists.

Evidently, these scenes and the unreliability of France 2’s cameraman Talal Abu Rahma has convinced the French appeals judge. Philippe Karsenty has won the appeal against his libel conviction.

So far, despite access to Reuters and Associated Press wire reports, only Jewish and Israeli media have published the trial verdict. The mainstream media has regrettably remained silent. Is the same media that did so much to propagate the al-Dura libel without verifying the facts now too embarrassed to admit that they may have erred?

From the MSM…. “chirp chirp chirp”