The terrible effects of political correctness..

I was talking with my friend after we had enjoyed a great evening dinner together.

We were discussing the craziness of the US’s decision to allow Ahminajihad into the country – let alone giving him some kind of legitimacy by allowing him to speechify his brand of lunacy.

In a less political correct era of not too long ago they would not have allowed it and it shows just how political correctness has grown to the point of cutting off the balls of our western societies. Now we’re well and truly finding ourselves in the beginnings of dhimmitude to Islam. All these things because we’re not allowed to offend the offenders. Because this foolishness requires everyone to believe the world-view that humanity is basically good, rather than as the Bible declares, basically sinful. This kind of thinking believes that if we just talk with our enemies long enough we can persuade them of a better way of life, it never occurring to them that they just may never want that – that true evil exists and that it’s only aim is to destroy that which is good.

I honestly believe that PC was deliberately introduced and that it’s deliberate aim is to change our language and our beliefs from a once Christian world-view to a totally Godless and purely humanistic world-view as per the advance of the Antichrist’s coming regime. Its purpose is also to weaken the ability to think properly. Hell, we only have to observe what’s happening in far too many government schools to see that in operation.

Here’s something that occurred to me while we were discussing these things. Remember how the Bible says (in essence) that man will come to call evil good and good evil. Well, if you stop to think about it, isn’t this what PC does? It reverses the true meanings of nearly all issues where it’s allowed to rear its ugly head.

Apart from this subject, I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting much recently. Basically the truth is I lost interest to a great degree.


Mike, your pointer to Antonio Gramsci was very illuminating. I found an excellent article on Free Republic by Alberto Luzárraga, here. Worth a read, for sure. It would definitely appear he is the founder of PC, and therefore your country’s Democrats! *grin*