Pastor faces hearing over ‘anti-gay’ letter

“I’m just going to trust God. I’ve been through a lot in my life … ,” he said. “[God] may have me speaking just before the panel and judges and it may touch someone’s heart and minister to them. I’m just going to go in humble, and leave the outcome to God.”

I don’t know about everyone that may read my blog, but I suspect that my few regulars will certainly join me in praying for this brother as he stands up for the Lord. This is happening more and more now in western countries, and indeed we’ve had some of the same here in Australia.


5 thoughts on “Pastor faces hearing over ‘anti-gay’ letter

  1. Yes, I’ll definitely pray – for him as well as his family.

    Facing imprisonment for speaking the truth – that’s persecution. These are scary times we’re embarking upon.

  2. So we’ve just got to encourage each other so we’ll keep on standing for the truth and keep on keeping on in spite of the persecution coming on believers all over the earth. Come quickly Messiah Yeshua. And yes, we will pray for him. We could face the same some day.
    Love and shalom,

  3. Of course I will dude. It’s coming soon, I think. Christianity is fast becoming a hate crime in and of itself for speaking out against immoral behavior, while Islam is being embraced for killing Jews.
    Bad is good, good is evil.

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