Gasoline Is Not Going Up!

by Paul Proctor

This is a most excellent article on the real reason our money doesn’t buy what it used to. I remember many years ago how a friend said to me at the time our government here floated our dollar on the markets instead of basing it on gold as it was originally done. “This will mean eventual disaster, my friend” is what he said to me.

It is becoming more and more obvious that it will be not too long before a rather resounding money crash will happen, at least in the West.

Some excerpts:

The dirty little secret is this: Gasoline is not going up. It is the dollar your buy it with that is going down; and it has been going down in value for a very long time because it is just government issued paper with numbers printed on it and nothing physical in storage anywhere to back it up. What’s more, the dollar is now going down faster than ever.
Paper money used to and was supposed to signify what was being held in reserve by a country’s financial institutions in the form of gold. That all began to change here in America in the early 1900s when our country was manipulated into a fraudulent financial scheme called “fractional reserve lending” where bankers secretly met and determined in their cunning and arrogance that they could and should print as much paper money as gullible people were willing to borrow, regardless of how much gold was kept on hand to back it up.
They figured out that they could lend ten times more paper than they had gold in reserve; and as long as everybody didn’t rush the bank at once demanding payment in gold, the scam worked. Nowadays we think ONLY in terms of paper – something they can print as much of as they want, which, in fact, makes what is already out there in circulation, worth less.

It’s no different with the dollar. The more of them the government prints, the less they are worth. And when the dollar goes on sale, so to speak, with extremely low interest rates, as it has for many years now, everybody buys until the market is saturated with worthless paper, cheap loans and unmanageable debt. Oh, the numbers on the bills never change; but their value or purchasing power decreases steadily and significantly, forcing us to, in time, hand over a lot more of them to buy the same old necessities – like for instance, gasoline.
You see, it’s not “inflation” at all that’s making it hard to get by these days but rather the deflation of the dollars we borrow to pay for things. The more dollars there are in circulation, the less they are worth to the retailers we buy from. It’s just that simple, leaving the average American today with personal debt that is estimated at an $8,000 per person in revolving credit, not to mention what they owe in mortgages, car loans, business loans, student loans and medical bills.
The government used to tell us how much paper they were printing. It was called the M3 money supply. But the reporting of that all mysteriously stopped earlier this year. Now it is just another big government secret.
Why would they want to keep such a thing hush-hush, you might ask? It is because they are printing paper at such an alarming rate now, in order to artificially prop up the markets and keep the illusion alive that our teetering economy is rebounding so we will keep on borrowing and spending as fast as we can rather than save for those rainy days and live within our means. Most of all they don’t want you and me to lose faith in the fiat currency they created to make us feel prosperous and affluent while our wealth was being taxed and deflated away right under our noses, making us increasingly dependant on them for (you guessed it) more government solutions.


Just checking in…

I’m still alive and kicking. I’ve just been enjoying a week off from work. It was much needed. Felt good to just kick back and spend some time goofing off completely.

Just bought myself a copy of Batman Begins. It’s the best of the Batman films as far as I’m concerned. I reckon Christian Bale does the the whole thing well.
And I just love that Batmobile version. As Gordon said, “I’ve got to get me one of those!”

The weather here has been absolutely beautiful. Ideal for getting out and about – great goofing off weather. I live close to the Swan River here and have been taking some long walks along it.

Warning – weak joke ahead:
What do the Chinese call 1,000 Lbs. of soup….
Won Ton…