Oops! I got conned..

Back in July I posted these storm photos, believing that they were taken locally here. Not so. They were actually taken by Mike Hollingshead in Ohio in 2004. Snopes has the details on their site.

The shots were originally sent to me by my niece who honestly believed what someone had sent her…. It just shows. I’ve been on the net for quite a few years but still get taken in now and then. Ahh well.


6 thoughts on “Oops! I got conned..

  1. Hey, as long as you’re not giving your bank account number to any Indonesian women who want to deposit $100 million in your account, you’re all set.

  2. Oops again… 🙂

    At least those are fairly easy to spot unless you’re a newbie. Came close a few times in the early times on the net though.

  3. Well, regardless of where they were taken, they are beautiful pics. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve forwarded an email only to have one of my (smarter) friends or relatives email me back that it wasn’t true. I’m finally learning (I hope).

  4. Oh, is that why I hardly ever get forwards from you anymore? =D

    Yes, they were beautiful pictures, I didn’t particularly care where they came from, just enjoyed looking at them. =)

  5. At first I was under the impression that you took them. I did see them on Snopes a couple of weeks ago though and realized you must have gotten them from someone else. I was going to send you the link, but I forgot.

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