Liberation of West Bank, Jerusalem Next on Palestinian Agenda

“Palestinians celebrating Israel’s departure from the Gaza Strip this week, said that the Israeli withdrawal is only the beginning of their struggle, which will continue until they have ‘liberated’ the West Bank and Jerusalem.”

Well, this is a big surprise…. NOT!!

The truth is that ever since the “Palestinian people” were invented, they have been and remain ‘useful idiots’. The lie that the country belongs to them has been told so often and so loudly by the MSM, and so many people are so willing to believe it, that it has become undeniable truth to many.

The truth, though, is this. Because Israel was chosen by God to be His people (not because they are better than us, but because they were chosen for a specific purpose) and because from Israel comes the bloodline of Christ the Messiah – then you can see from that the Evil One has a very specific hatred for them, and still does. All this hatred from Muslims and indeed from many in the secular world, is demon driven. It’s the only explanation for such an ancient unrelenting hatred for one specific people. Hal Lindsey wrote an excellent book called “Everlasting Hatred – The Roots of Jihad” on the matter. Another excellent book on the whole ME affair is “From Time Immemorial” by Joan Peters.

It’s an exciting time to be a Christian. Seeing prophecy coming to fruition before our eyes is thrilling, even if a little scary at times too.

In the end, we know Who wins, Who will be glorified as is His divine destiny. I know I’m looking forward to the Wedding Supper of the Lamb. I know many of my brothers and sisters in the Lord are, as well. We will have many stories to tell that will glorify Him.


7 thoughts on “Liberation of West Bank, Jerusalem Next on Palestinian Agenda

  1. I have discussed this with my husband and others in the past. The unrelenting agenda to destroy the Jewish people over the ages and now in the Middle East is one of the greatest proofs to the existence of G-d and the validity of the scriptures. They are a very small people in the earth and are the biggest focus of the whole world. If He is not who He says He is, why would anyone care? The extreme hostility towards this people just proves that what He said is true. There is no other explanation for the attention on them and the desire for their destruction than it be motivated by the prince of the power of the air. His time is short and he knows it. It is too bad that so many that proclaim to be “christians” don’t realize the shortness of the hour. We have been commanded to watch, that the day not overtake us as a thief. Instead this gets misquoted that Messiah will come as a thief in the night and we cannot know when that will be.

  2. Amen, Morris.

    It’s nice to think of all the ‘family time’ we’ll get, then. All the people I’d like to meet in person but can’t right now – well, we’ll have eternity to get acquainted. =)

  3. Yeah, that’s gonna be one big old happy party around the table! I’m looking forward to it. 🙂

  4. Same here. It’s going to be so beyond anything we can imagine…we can’t even around our little minds around the concept. But it will be cool, no doubt:)

    Morris, I hear ya, the “palestinians” are getting on my last nerve.

  5. Wait, you must be readin incorrectly. When they gave Gaza to the Phillistines, they should have stopped fighting. Every one of the leaders said they would. I mean, not theirs, but Sharon, Bush, Blair, all of them. They have their state, which is all they ever wanted. Arafat said that all the time when he was alive.
    There must be a missing paragraph that explains this is all a big mistake, and there’s peace throughout the land.

  6. Billy, I’m sure you’re right. However, I don’t think any of us will be holding our breath, eh? I can think of faster ways of dying than turning blue from lack of oxygen. *grin*

  7. Like we didn’t see this coming? We did, they didn’t. Wait, yes they did but ignored it for the sake of political expedience.

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