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Oh man, this cracked me right up!

Don’t we just wish… [insert wistful sigh].   Yes Telstra, I’m looking right at you!



I Searched For You

I spotted this on Brigid’s ‘Home On The Range’ blog, posted by Plainsman (one of her readers).

It touched me for some reason, though like most blokes I’m not big on poetry.


I searched for you, though not well
In my youth and naïveté.
Some vague idea but could not tell
What I hoped to find some day.

In vane I searched but could not find
As the course of my youth did run.
A blithe spirit to make mine
With love of forest and the gun.

A Consort to woo and win
To share my love and life.
A lover, companion, soul mate, friend,
My children’s mother and a wife.

I saw you in the oceans foam
Of storms that racked my soul.
When I stood watch and dreamed of home
You held at bay the creeping cold.

In Alberta Clippers, heavy snow
I searched in mountains and in rain,
In swamps, which only hunters know
I sought you, though in vain.

I searched for you through mundane toils
And the million trials of life
I knew the failures and the spoils
Through joy and bitter strife.

These mattered not if we had shared
A life of passioned grace.
I knew your spirit, heart and soul
But never saw your face.

My whole life I sought you in its maze,
And it is, alas, my cursed fate.
To find you in my autumn days
Born so many years too late.



I’ve had my times of longing for a life partner, and there’s a couple of ladies I loved with all my heart, but who unfortunately never felt the same about me (Ann, I still miss you).    There’s never been any hard feelings though, as I always knew I was fairly damaged by past experiences.    God has done an amazing work of healing me, though.