Need a little help finding a Bible topic

My friends and I were talking and I was asked if I could help find a particular item in the scriptures.

We are looking for verse(s) where God says that this earth is the only habitated planet, specifically created for us only, with no intelligent beings elsewhere. We think it may be in Psalms. I have searched in eSword, but have had no luck so far using search terms ‘world’, ‘earth’, and such. Any further suggestions?

It’s no big whoop if we don’t find this, but it would be great if we could.


Made the change to new Blogger

Well, I’ve made the change, along with re-installing Haloscan to work with the new version and all has gone painlessly.

I lost none of the comments, so Haloscan are to be congratulated for making it so easy.

I’ve also been doing some editing of my Blogroll, so have a look. If you weren’t there before you may be now.

Look for new posts soon.