Costello wants migrant loyalty

Whether Costello (Australia’s Treasurer) is politicking because he hopes it will gain him popularity with the public or feels this genuinely, he has spoken the truth on this matter.
Nearly all fellow Aussies I’ve spoken to feel the same. If Muslims don’t like our values, then go home – please don’t try to impose your Sharia law on us. It is NOT the law of this country.

An excerpt from his speech:

“Lambasting the spread of ‘mushy multiculturalism’, the Treasurer has bluntly called for hard-line Muslims and others who don’t observe Australian values to be stripped of their citizenship.
And he said people coming to Australia should have the same respect for Australian values as visitors to a mosque who are asked to take off their shoes.

In another provocative speech by a senior Government figure, Mr Costello warned of a second generation of immigrants from the Middle East living in a ‘twilight zone’, unable to properly distinguish between the values of their parents’ old country and Australia”


Christian websites are attracting many from the Muslim world

This is good news indeed. Gospel good news. With so much bad news surrounding this evil cult, it is good to see that God is delivering souls from it’s grip. With all the harsh things I and others Christians who see truly concerning Islam may say about it, we are delighted when souls are saved from this.

Inspired thoughts from a Pebble Chaser

Heidi has written a great post at her blog “Pebble Chaser” called ‘Don’t Be A Liar’.

An excerpt that spoke powerfully to me:

What I mean by Really Living is this. You and I being willing to know and willing to accept who we really are. The fabric of our humanity and the glory of our salvation. We are wicked to the core, but G-d… We are seated with Him in heavenly places, but we don’t really believe it. No we don’t. We live in the manner that most truly reflects our core beliefs. Depressed, despondent, selfish, ignorant, angry… Yeah, that sounds like the folks who gather around the throne of G-d.

I know that many times, I live as a vagrant beggar. Begging for scraps from humanity when I have been invited to dine with the King.

I am weak, flawed, strong, driven, distracted, hopeful, depressed, joyful, passionate, excited, sad. So are you. A kaleidescope of dimension. Sometimes brilliant, sometimes hopelessly broken.

When you pray to “SEE” what is happening around you, be aware that more often than not, your prayer will be answered by insight and discernment into your own life. We aren’t pretty all the time. Neither are we hideous all the time. That’s the reality. Understanding that is part of humility.

I’ve no desire to embarrass you, Heidi, but I’m spreading this one around. It was inspiring to me and could well be to others.

Thanks to Mark at Digital Cowboy for the headsup on this.

Cartoons from the Arab World

It seems we in the west are not to poke fun at Islam, but they in the Arab media can post really vicious cartoons and we are not supposed to react (and don’t – we’re tolerant, remember).

These samples from Tom Gross Mideast Media Analysis are only a small sampling. Many more just as vicious as these are churned out on a daily basis, and we certainly don’t hear a peep from the Mainstream Media. Thank goodness for some honest online journalism, or we would never hear of these.

I’m thoroughly tired of hearing about how the extremists have hijacked the Religion of Pieces, but if our moderate friends in the Muslim world really believe that, then how about a genuine protest and campaign against this kind of thing and against terrorism from you from within the Muslim culture, mmmm?

Sorry to sound cynical, but I won’t be holding my breath.

Apple sued over iPod hearing loss claims

Computer giant Apple is being sued by an American man who claims iPods can cause hearing loss.

John Kiel Patterson is alleging that the hugely popular music players are “inherently defective in design and are not sufficiently adorned with adequate warnings regarding the likelihood of hearing loss“.

Hey, moron, turn the volume down.

Just another greedy individual trying to get money out of a large corporation. Nothing new here, move along..