New book promotes sex with children

An article on WorldNetDaily quoting multiple Ph.D ‘experts’ (ex = unknown quantity, spert = drip under pressure) as saying Pederasty is good for children.

This is the lowest of the low, what the Bible was talking about when describing evil being called good (it also says woe to those who do so).
Few things have the power to get me angrier than people like this seeking to make it ok to fulfill their evil lusts on the innocent. I’m furious right now, and it’s just as well one of these people is not in front of me right now, as I’m not sure I could restrain myself from doing them some damage. It doesn’t get much more evil than this!

It seems anyone can proclaim themselves an expert these days and people are silly enough to listen to them uncritically. And as for these people getting a Ph.D?? It shows where modern ‘education’ is at doesn’t it? Home school your children and keep them OUT of these mind-poisoning factories at ALL costs.


6 thoughts on “New book promotes sex with children

  1. Rick just said “Amen Morris.” We have a friend who was sexually abused by her dad for many years when a young child. She developed multiple personality disorder to survive it and still struggles with that. Her healing is taking years and that had a horrible tow on her life. There isn’t much of anything that will get us more upset and angry than what is being done to children these days. It is downright despicable! Did you see the post on German homeschoolers on my Come Out to Life blog? That is scary, too, and very upsetting. I tell you, it can’t be long before Messiah appears. Look up!
    Love and shalom,

  2. “Home school your children and keep them OUT of these mind-poisoning factories at ALL costs.”

    And another “Amen” rings out from the congregation. It’s starting to get visibly filthy. Up till recently, it was kind of “behind closed doors” kind of filth in that at least the freaks tried to hide it, but now they don’t care, as it’s becomming accepted.
    Dude, honestly, I pray for anyone with infants and toddlers today. Eventually society will make a move for them, almost like living sacrifices they’ll be.
    Scary. Look up, and pray, is all we can do.

  3. Things are definitely intensifying now. I am also thoroughly repulsed by the message of this book. You’ll see me on the news, kicking and screaming, before we allow anyone to take our son away from us.

  4. It is scary to think what the future might be like for my son. I agree with Angrea – I’d fight to my last breath to protect him. Fortunately I know the One who can protect him better than me.

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