China and the censoring of the Internet

Joseph Farah has posted an article on this at WorldNetdaily. Frankly, I’m not surprised. The great majority of companies have only one god – the almighty (in their view) dollar. Such trivial concerns as freedom or tyranny, freedom to worship God or not, simply cannot be allowed to interfere with the bottom line. Nor is it just Google, Yahoo!, and similar search engines that have been accused of this. Companies such as Micro$oft and similar large corporations have also been accused as well. Few are the companies who are not amoral when it comes to money, though they would spin hard to have us believe otherwise.


6 thoughts on “China and the censoring of the Internet

  1. That sucks. I’m sure they want the rosey image for their upcoming Olympic Games too.
    Our Chinese brethren need constant, frequent prayer.

  2. Yeshua said that we would either serve G-d or Mammon. Sorry to say, the later is the world’s choice and even sadder to say, too often it is the choice of those who proclaim to be His.
    Love and shalom,

  3. I see the US moving that way relatively soon too. Blogger most definitely. For the good of the nation and all that.

  4. Wow. I shouldn’t be surprised, but part of me is. This is one of those things that makes me want a cabin on a mountain with a big fence and a big gun. I do have too much realist in me, though, and know you can’t keep the world at bay.
    Andrea, we difinitely need to be remembering our Chinese brethren in our prayers. Good reminder.

  5. China could be the world’s greatest superpower. Instead, it is mired in a tyrannical and socialist nightmare. It’s a prime example of what man CAN’T do without God.

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