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Sorry, guys. I’m trying to deal with a few issues in my life, leaving me with no desire to blog at present. But you know I’ll be back eventually. If you feel led to pray for me I would be appreciative. God bless.

Thanks for all your love and good wishes my friends.
It’s a great encouragement just to know I’m being prayed for.

Australia to block gay unions

This is really good news. Even though I nowhere near agree with everything that he does, he has recently made several good moves in standing up for what is right.

Of course the left had to have a go, and called the move ‘homophobic’. Nothing new there – they can be counted on to be predictably evil in their views.


Australian law formally defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman.

Attorney General Philip Ruddock added that if the ACT authorities “seek to portray civil unions as a marriage, in our view, that is quite inappropriate”.

“It suggests to people who might be interested in civil union that what they have is a marriage, when in fact it is not,” Mr Ruddock said.