Open evil culture warfare

As in my previous post, there is an open warfare going on against the innocence of your children, parents. As in this article “Dad on trial over homosexual book” at WND. So it’s now becoming a crime to want to protect your children?? Blimey, this agenda to subvert children to this evil mindset has become so open (As BillyD said in the comments of my last post) that even the most blind should see it, but many don’t. I say again – get your kids out of these indoctrination camps if you love them.

Update: MOnday 26/9/05

Difster made an excellent point on this matter, something I missed because I was too eager to pillory the school concerned. He pointed out that the father deserves no pity because he should not have his son in a school that teaches such evil anyway. An excellent point, with which I agree. Thanks, Dif.


2 thoughts on “Open evil culture warfare

  1. This type of situation just reinforces my reasons for home educating. I hope and pray this dad wins his battle.

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