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I should probably have put this up at the beginning, but being naive, I didn’t anticipate personal attacks.   Anyway have a quick read – no reasonable person will have any problem with it.


Child murdering societies don’t deserve to survive.

From Vox Day’s article “Vampires”

The abortion industry is a vampirish business sustained by the blood of murdered children and the emotional mutilation of women. It cannot be eliminated soon enough for me. History will judge the abortion culture as savagely as we judge National Socialist Germany, and rightly so. A society that fails to have children will not survive. A society that murders great quantities of its children does not deserve to.

It’s true that a society is self judging by it’s own action, as in dying off due to not increasing it’s population as it should. But I would fear God’s judgement more, as He has always judged harshly those who murder the innocent – and who’s more innocent then an unborn babe? Remember how harshly He judged those countries who sacrificed their children to Moloch.

In the end, Vox is right on this – abortion is a most savage industry (and it is an industry, as people earn large livings by doing this) and I find it hard to comprehend the rationalisation of such butchery. Such rationalisations are the end result of atheism, with it’s unaccountability to a higher moral authority.

Rachel bats one out of the park..

Rachel Lucas‘ blog is one I visit often, as she has a great sense of humour and ability to see bulldust for what it is. She has the ability to see the truth with sometimes scary clarity while making me laugh my backside off. This latest piece (“Our next First Lady is really impressing me with her ability to say disturbingly stupid things in front of crowds”), though, sees through to the heart of liberalism for what it is – both a religion and an aberrant mental/spiritual condition caused by social engineering in educational institutions of one kind or another (my thoughts – not hers). Go read it and some of her other stuff. You’ll have a good laugh – at the dog pix at the very least. How can one not love the dog on the banner? Heh.

On “Send Guns, Capitalism and Civil Government.”

This latest article by Colonel Robert Neville is a very good take down of gun control thinking. I don’t need to say much except to highlight an excerpt or two:-

Let me say this clearly. I want guns but they have disarmed Australia just like England. Thus we are not free. Only American’s are truly free because no one and I do mean no one, can take their freedom away from them as long as they have their guns. Consider the truth of what the possession of guns by citizens means. We are not free because our freedom does not belong to us. The government allows us to be free and in a profound way, we must justify it and ask for it.

In America, the government cannot ask the question of “Can we take your freedom?” as they know the answer and they know they can’t. In truth, all Totalitarian Government’s and dictatorship’s never ask for anything from their people, they just take it and it’s gone. First they take the economic freedom of the people and then their guns. Thus a nation of slaves and mass murder victims are made.

It occurred to me that the economic state of the US is just the thing that outside (globalist) forces are seeking to destroy, so arm up now, guys.