Costello wants migrant loyalty

Whether Costello (Australia’s Treasurer) is politicking because he hopes it will gain him popularity with the public or feels this genuinely, he has spoken the truth on this matter.
Nearly all fellow Aussies I’ve spoken to feel the same. If Muslims don’t like our values, then go home – please don’t try to impose your Sharia law on us. It is NOT the law of this country.

An excerpt from his speech:

“Lambasting the spread of ‘mushy multiculturalism’, the Treasurer has bluntly called for hard-line Muslims and others who don’t observe Australian values to be stripped of their citizenship.
And he said people coming to Australia should have the same respect for Australian values as visitors to a mosque who are asked to take off their shoes.

In another provocative speech by a senior Government figure, Mr Costello warned of a second generation of immigrants from the Middle East living in a ‘twilight zone’, unable to properly distinguish between the values of their parents’ old country and Australia”


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