Jihad alive and well in Australia

Link to the video at the Walid Shoebat Foundation page.

Islam’s plans are as well advanced here in Australia as anywhere else.

As I said in my previous post, if we don’t get a clue on this, we’re in big trouble.   Multiculturalism and political correctness were deliberately invented to destroy the west, and it works all too well against a populace which wilfully refuses to think these matters through, looking only for the good life and security at the expense of freedom.   Under multiculturalism and political correctness, Islam is prospering in the west.


3 thoughts on “Jihad alive and well in Australia

  1. Who is it exactly that ‘invented multiculturalism and PC to destroy the west’? That is patently bizarre, what is this based on? In the more recent research ‘Jihadists’ as you term them constitute less than .1% of the total Islamic community, they are certainly not ‘alive and well’ by any stretch of the imaginate.

    I really struggle with your assertion that Islam is inherently damaging, does the religion itself make you feel uncomfortable or does your religion make you feel uncomfortable about it? How is Islam prospering? If anything the West has begun to take a hard approach to the Islamic community, banning Minarets in France and the hijab around the world. I do not understand what you are baseing any of these claims on! Please explain.

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