Tech Support Cheat Sheet

From the XKCD geek humour webcomic, this one….


Bahahaha!   So true!

Mike, I think you just might enjoy this one..


6 thoughts on “Tech Support Cheat Sheet

  1. It is too true. My husband worked for AO(hel)L a few years back and ended up walking out. He really did not know that much about computers then and he was helping people who were irate because they had people like him helping them. He didn’t want to give that kind of customer service so just quit and we make sure we don’t put any AOL products on our computers because of the problems they cause.

    Love and shalom,

  2. Another use for them is to string in the garden to frighten the birds, etc, away – a newfangled scarecrow. Or give them to a creative child and I’m sure they’ll find some use for them. To bad they aren’t rewritable discs!

    Love and shalom,

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