Explanation to all

As you can see from my last post, it’s been quite a while since I last posted.

I decided to take a long break, as I was getting sick of having to wipe comment after comment of vile stuff from the Obamabots.

This may happen from time to time here, as those who bother to read will already know.

There you have it.  Just thought I at least owed an explanation, if not an apology.


3 thoughts on “Explanation to all

  1. Oh wait, you like in Australia where the libel and slander laws are much easier to use than in the US. Troll hunting is a lot easier here.

  2. That’s the typical liberal for you, Morris. If you do not think their way, they get down in the sewer with their remarks. These losers have no class whatsoever. Take that pitiful thing that calls himself Perez Hilton, for instance He didn’t like the “gay marriage” opinion of Carrie Prejean, Ms. California, because it differed from his. So what did he do? He gets down in the sewer with his crude, vile remarks about her. As I said, typical liberal. And BTW…… All the nut job did was to make her an overnight sensation lol!!!!!!

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