Google sweeping for anything anti-Obama

It’s been quite amusing to note that only one day after Barack Obama’s inaugeration, I’ve had trolls sweeping through here doing an obvious Google search for anything anti-Obama in any way.  Feeling your oats, boys and girls?  LOL.

What I found most amusing was the fact these new comments were on posts I did several months ago.   I would never have even noticed them apart from the fact that I have my comments on RSS.   I do wonder if they even noticed that in their eagerness to bring down this extreme rightwing religious nutjob – namely, me.   Oh heck, I’m cracking up here again.

These people simply will not tolarate (despite their self belief as liberals as being the most tolerant people on the planet) anything against their Lord and Master Supreme Leader and Messiah Obama.

Newsflash, guys, there is plenty of evidence against Obama – it’s just that you’re in extreme denial.  Like kids going “La la la, I don’t want to hear it!” with your hands over your ears.

Prediction:   Obama will destroy the economy in the USA in record time, but of course it will all be Bush’s fault.    As it happens, one of the few things Bush did right was to fight the terrorists.   In many ways he has been a trator to the American people, one of the biggest and worst being a globalist tool in his signing of the CAFTA and NAFTA deals – therefore destroying the USA’s sovereignty of their own country.

As one of these commentors pointed out quite correctly, I’m not without bias.    Of course I’m biased to what I believe is right – the conservative point of view, which tends to be more objective and rational.

Some of these latest comments have been deleted, as I consider them to be personal attacks, not just disagreement.   As I warn in my ‘house rules’, I will delete such with no apology.    “dre’ will find I’ve deleted some of his/hers and not others for that reason.   My ‘home’,  so what I say goes.   Just because you have strong feelings about what I’ve written it doesn’t give you entitlement to verbally dribble all over my blog, no matter how much you think it does.

From this point onwards, all of my posts older than 30 days will have comments automatically closed.


5 thoughts on “Google sweeping for anything anti-Obama

  1. Similarly, Republicans seem to be unable to accept how disastrous the past eight years have been. They seem to be trying to destroy Obama, before he’s even spent a week in office. A little bitterness from the Republican camp is a lovely feeling for the rest of the World. A long time coming.

  2. I find it more satisfying to take such obvious trolls’ comments and edit them in ways that are 1 degree away from slander (by American standards, you’d get in trouble in Australia).

  3. Similarly, Republicans seem to be unable to accept how disastrous the past eight years have been.

    “How” should be “why” if you want that statement to be more accurate.

  4. Mr. Morris:

    I recently came upon your post “Black Santa.” The following immediately came to my mind: “He will reply, ‘I tell you the truth, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.’” I hope that you will either repent or that you will have a compelling answer when Jesus asks you why you were mocking his children.

    In love,

  5. Hi Morris,

    I’ll go one step further. Obamessiah will destroy this country, period, in record time. His economic policies (take Porkulus, for example) are already ludicrous, but he has virtually every jackass in the world now gunning for him (Russia, Iran, North Korea, al qaeda, China, Pakistan). All of these countries are testing him big time and I have seen absolutely nothing but kumbaya crap from this goof.

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