The Call to Dunkirk

This is a video every thinking parent needs to see.

Today’s government schools are godless in every way.    There is no possible way that any Christian parent can counter the indoctrination their children receive in these social engineering centres.  On school days these people spend more or equal time with the kiddies as the parents do.


3 thoughts on “The Call to Dunkirk

  1. It’s pretty hard to call a lot of parents “parents” these days when the schools are basically the ones raising their kids.

  2. What?! Children are being educated?! This is ridiculous! Get those kids out of school and into the pews. What Christian child will need algebra in their adult life when sweeping out the local gymnasium or preaching? We have to stop this Marxist Communist Australian Pagan Leftist Godless Hindu Catholic Scientific conspiracy! They’re teaching our kids tolerance and science all in one fell swoop!

  3. Thank you for your post, this morning I posted Why conservatives are losing ground – The Call to Dunkirk I’ve linked to your post.

    Children are not being educated in schools: American students consistently rank near, or at the bottom in Mathematics, Physics and Science.

    Their true heritage is not being taught (they are coming out anti-American) – instead they are fed on false science like Global Warming, secular morality of sexual relationships causing harm and unwanted children, I could go on … I have another post BlogWatch Education that just scratches the surface.

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