Spreading it around…

..and that’s all I’m doing too.   Spreading around a good, pointed cartoon.


7 thoughts on “Spreading it around…

  1. I have to ask, I understand you don’t like the tax plan. That is fine, we can all have lots of different opinions. But I am lost in that you would compare Obama to Hitler, then in the next part bash him for his tax plan.

    If we are to be fair, Hitler came into power wanting to kill socialism? Hitler was totally against socialism.

    Our current system already does exactly what some are mad about (redistributing the wealth), it has since taxes began. It took money and doled it out for our “own good.” At the time those opposed said it was socialism. Granted it changes it a bit and takes a bit more from some, but that is actually against what socialism stands for.

    So my question is do you think he is like Hitler (because of things that were done without his control), or do you think he is a socialist? Perhaps you think the two are mutually exclusive? in which case I would like to know how.

    Anyway, I try to listen to all sides of an argument, but it seems to me that you are just anti-Obama, which is fine but not constructive for me…

  2. Terra, I’m not so much anti Obama (though to be honest I don’t like him but that’s just an emotional reaction and irrelevant) as I am anti socialism which he is seeking to bring in full force.

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