UK’s first official sharia courts

The Times Online article here.

Rachel Lucas posted on this today.   Britain, you are hardly recognisable from the once great bastion of freedom you once were.   This act of dhimmitude to Islam is hammering another nail in your coffin.

Britain is a classic example of what happens to a country that gives away its sovreignty to globalism and political correctness in the name of getting along with everyone.  Multiculturism, anyone?

As I’ve said before, the leaders are determined not to see Islam for the truly evil ideology it is.   Truly we are seeing a ‘strong delusion’ in regards to PC these days.

Rachel also posted this demotivator:

Oh man, every time I look at it, I crack up again.


4 thoughts on “UK’s first official sharia courts

  1. Honestly, whats the big fuss? nobody said the whole state is now governing with sharia law, and that we must all abide…its just a place for muslims when they want to have a divorce or end civil disbutes to lay their claim… i dont see what the problem is… !?!

  2. On the flip side, this may end up having the effect of causing more Muslims to become apostates. When they get to see what Sharia is really like, many may prefer something other than Islam.

  3. But Honestly, thats just the individuals choice, If you want to be a Chrisitian, Buddist, A Jew or even a Monkey, nowadays you can do it without haveing to worrie…at the end of the day, nomatter if timmy or tinas mom is forcing them to go to bible studies or if hussien and mohamad dont want to go to the mosque but just go cause of there family, faith is what is in the heart… thats how you are judge, by intentions… so if some muslims decide to go and become apostates? the so be it… but sharia law is derived from the Quran and Hadith so you should be familiar with these rulings already if you are a practising muslim…. if not? well then you might aswell have already apostated… thats my view on it…

  4. The reason why sharia law in our countries is sucha bad idea is quite simple, Umm Uthaymeen. All you need do is study recent and all history of Islam. That’s all I intend to say.

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