School sex club run by small boys, says Brisbane dad

Here is an article from Queensland’s Courier Mail.


Three boys aged six ran a sex club at a Brisbane state school demanding and receiving sexual favours from Year 2 classmates, a father has claimed.

The outraged father alleged yesterday the school did not bother to tell him for more than a week that his son was involved.

Education Minister Rod Welford said Education Queensland had launched a survey seeking information following reports children as young as six had been involved in sex acts with their classmates.

He described the cases as “rare but serious”, although the Government knew there had been at least seven in the past two years.

Tell me again, all you parents who send your kids off to be indoctrinated in govt schools, as to why they need to be ‘socialized’??   Have many of you any real idea as to what is being taught to them there?

The situation reported in that article is the natural result of teaching kids about sex in a Godless way at way too early an age, in effect stealing their innocence at an early age.   All that coupled with teaching children their is no God and no consequences for bad actions.   Do you really think it’s not going to come to this?   I’m sick of hearing parents excuses for having to send their kids to school when the safest and best place for them to learn is at home.   There may have been a day when school was a good place for children to learn, but now that the socialists have in the main taken over in govt schools, that time is gone.   If you’re truly concerned for your children’s welfare, get them OUT of those indoctrination camps.

Arrggghh1  This has me so mad I’m spitting chips.   To see childrens innocence and joy taken from them this way is just so evil.


One thought on “School sex club run by small boys, says Brisbane dad

  1. This reminds me of an argument that an ex of mine and I had about public schools. We were both on the outside, socially, and she still defended the schools on the grounds that you learn valuable lessons in the hallways… to which I asked her

    “and what were those? How to be a sociopath? How to form a clique? How to get used to being treated like $H17 just for existing?”

    Shut her up pretty quickly…

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