Feeding frenzy..

I just saw this..

..at Atlas Shrugs

Says it all about the majority of modern mainstream media and leftwing moonbattery, doesn’t it?


5 thoughts on “Feeding frenzy..

  1. The part you have yet to see in this feeding frenzy is when the pack turns on one another after the Palin family matriarch arises battered but unscathed and clamps her justifiably rabid teeth into the snout of the nearest cowardly canine. It takes awhile for the virus to fully infect the host; but once it does, I eagerly await the ensuing carnage — froth and fur flying, as the MSM and its hangers-on quite literally consume one another in an effort to assign blame for the infection. It will be most-gratifying to see this same carnivorous pack slobbering dociley at the feet of the duly-elected veep, seeking penance, craving solace, and begging for a scrap of her attention.

    I can think of 14K reasons why I believe in this fundamental truth, Morris.

  2. Heather, I think you’re spot on with that. And welcome, especially if you are who I think you are…

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