Playing with my new toy (like a boy)

Recently I purchased an iPod Touch, and being the semi-serious geek I am (plus gadget freak) I’m thouroughly enjoying playing with my new toy. Yeah, yeah, I know – boys and their toys. Heheh.

Right now I’m sitting in my friends living room down south writing this using a WordPress application made for the iPhone/iTouch. Without a wifi connection I can only save this as a local draft on the iPod, but once home I can upload this direct to my blog. Cool.

I’m amazed at just how many apps for the iPhone are springing up in the App Store in iTunes in a such a short time – some quite useful, some just plain silly. Bible apps came on the scene quite quickly, so I was able to grab a good one almost as soon as getting the iPod.
Somebody already came up with an app that enables the transfer of files onto the iPod, enabling me to view price lists and such from work. This is turning into a useful PDA.

As always, when I visit these friends I’m looking forward to a great time of fellowship and this time will not be an exception I hope. Getting deep into the meat of God’s Word with mature brothers and sisters is my idea of a good time. I’ve taken Monday and Tuesday off to make a long weekend of it and make the trip worthwhile. I can’t express just how much these people mean to me – how much they’ve supported, loved and challenged me during my dark times.

I’ve just begun to read Mark Steyn’s book “America Alone”. He has a way with words this guy, like this one: “It’s hard to deliver a wake up call for a civilisation so determined to smother the alarm clock in the soft, fluffy pillow of multiculturism and sleep in for another ten years.”

It’s Monday PM and I’ve just been watching the surprise and sheer enjoyment as my friends kids have found that mom and dad have bought them some guinea pigs. Now all mom and dad have to do is keep the kids looking after them once the novelty wears off. Any bets? No? None? No, me either, hehe.

Monday evening now and time for bed, but just wanted to jot down something I heard on the box – a comment about Obama I thought expressed the truth about him very well: “Obama says a lot of nothing, but says it beautifully.” Exactly.

Looking up at the stars outside tonight, as always I was struck with the glory of the Lord’s creation. Ever since becoming a Christian, I’ve never been able to look up at a star filled sky without that sense of awe. Down here there’s no city lights or smog to block out this marvellous sight.

Well, that’s all for now.  Guess this became a ‘random thoughts’ post.


4 thoughts on “Playing with my new toy (like a boy)

  1. I got one right after they came out. Great, aren’t they? The only gripe I have as a developer with them is that Apple hasn’t lifted the NDA. That means that developers are still contractually prohibited from talking about the development kit. It’s not something to be violated lightly either, as Apple has the ability to retaliate in the form of ensuring that you don’t see a dime from anything you write for the platform via the app store.

  2. Mike, yes, I have seen comments here and there that Apple are holding on very tight. 🙂

    The touch interface is very smooth and slick.

  3. I am in love with my Touch. It is my best friend… Some times, when no one is looking I kiss her…


    Although it is truly the COOLEST gadget I can even imagine. Her name is Daisy.

    🙂 Like your random thoughts. Sounds like a wonderful time.

  4. I didn’t get the ipod. I got the Walkman. I’m such a rebel. 😉 I’m really glad that you are enjoying yours, though!

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