If Obama becomes President in in the US….

… there may be a few changes made, along the lines of the following..

A new paint job for the Presidential jet, perhaps?

Camel One

or perhaps some new furnishings for the oval office, along with a new dress code?

New Oval Office

also, since many are convinced that HopeChange (TM) must come into effect, perhaps this will make you think again…

You want change?

Flippin’ heck, the thought of this man getting into such a powerful position gives me a case of the pities for my friends there in the US.    Not that the thought of Hillary or McCain getting into power makes anyone but the deluded feel good for them.    America, how the heck did you allow this?    By being sucked in by Political Correctness, for a start.   PC is just a way the socialists have managed to change our very language to mean something other than what it used to mean.


13 thoughts on “If Obama becomes President in in the US….

  1. Possibly…. But at least with McCain behind the controls, the country will still be “Our Country”, no matter how well he may or may not do as President. My God, I would rather see Larry The Cable Guy in the Oval Office rather than that Islamic Muslim Wacko!!!!!!

  2. What a moron, you are disrepectful and your friend marlene there you guys give white people a bad name, better still you give us republicans a bad name, anything to win, so you spread slander. muslim wacko, unlike you a racist, bigot with no understanding of anything. you have no proof he is a muslim other than what rush and hannity tell you. well go live in germany then

  3. if obama becomes president, he is president, so what about the last eight freeking years, god people grow up. Bush was crack pot, he made his friends rich and all got poor. I don’t care who is president as long as it aint bush. You guys have no proof this man isn’t a christian, why do you believe everything mccain said, he said it to presiend, well i am glad i live in a world that thought better than to make Sara stupid palin our next president. Way to go USA, we love you. as for predjudiced people like you well at least you could just be honest about it instead of hiding behind crap

  4. I am so glad Obama is president. Especially when I see ignorant pictures like the ones on this site. The Right was so desperate this last election; it was fun to watch.

  5. the most unamerican americans are the dark spirited and misenthropic pessimists which chose to mock and sneer instead of the true american way of optimisism and hope for our country is stong and great because of the possibilities not the fears, i am an american soldier and this site is part of the problem not the solution.

  6. Being a big man, Morris, I am sure you will be the first to apologize to President Obama whose inaugural ceremonies yesterday were the most devoutly and movingly Christian this nation has seen.

  7. I love how some in the above posts accuse you of hatred, and then go on to spew their hate on Bush, Palin, Republicans, etc. The hypocrisy would be funny, if they could only realize it.
    As far as devout and Christian…one of Obama’s first actions concerned funding for abortion.
    Let the socialism/liberalism begin!

  8. You fools can gripe about who’s hypocratic, who’s a moron, who’s dumb, who’s socialist. . . . . .but none of this foolish chatter matters. Just be good citizens as long as you’re alive. . .Do your part!

  9. this is some of the most bullcrap i ever heard bout our new president. See and for this reason alone the true colors come out. The man we know as our 44th president means more to this nation than we can ever imagine. For all the lost homes, jobs, for all the families torn apart from the war. So i say keep saying all the negativity for he uses this negativity and builds off it. “Change” remember this word. cause frankly, we have not seen a crowd like that for a president’s inauguration over the years in a long time. It’s more than just what he’s saying and how he say’s it. He speaks from the heart to the heart he knows he cant do it by his self and thats what we are here for one nation under GOD together YES WE CAN!!!!!!!!

  10. America built for change, to stand the test of time . i love this place, even if some think the ridiculous stuff on this site is real…

  11. i just read a little more about you.you’re not even from our country and you have the nerve to put this crap out there.keep your ignorant thoughts to yourself and your little group of ignorant simple minded friends.thank GOD you don’t live here.you say you believe in GOD and the BIBLE then you spread these lies.hey dummy, spreading rumors and lies IS A SIN!better read some more.i’ll pray for you.you need all the help you can get.

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