Decision, decisions…

You guys in the US have a real problem deciding who to vote for?



Thanks, Marlene.


8 thoughts on “Decision, decisions…

  1. How did you get that unretouched photo? The press usually photoshops those kind of pictures.

    By the way, Morris, did you close your old e-blogger site? It was gone (I`m afraid MY old blogger site may meet a similar end.)

  2. Tim, yes, I closed the old Blogger site quite a few weeks ago. I’d got sick of Blogger’s shortcomings. WordPress is much better in my opinion.

  3. Tim, everything that I ever posted on Blogger is in here too. WordPress has a very good utility to import from Blogger and it worked like a charm, the only thing it not being able to do was import the Haloscan comments. But the posts from Blogger are all in here. And yeah I shut it down myself, Tim, no point in having the two up.

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