Fitna the movie

From Live leak.

A movie well worth watching, but be prepared for some fairly mature content – not for kids.

A courageous truth telling in this film.

I was going to find an embed from YouTube, but as MikeT correctly pointed out, YouTube will be in dhimmitude to Muslims sooner or later and it would be taken down.

Update: Sunday 7.30 am

Sadly, Live Leak have felt they needed to remove the film from their servers. Apparently, there were some serious threats made against their staff. One could wish that Live Leak had stood up to these evil people instead of bowing in dhimmitude, but that’s easy for me to say from the safety of my home. The clip has been replaced with a short clip running an explanation of why they pulled the film. Ahh, the “Religion of Peace” – if they were so peaceful they would not react so extremely to truth and would be willing to allow criticism. Just shows what we’re in for if people don’t start saying no to Islam. There will be NO democracy and NO freedom of any kind under Islamic rule anywhere. To believe otherwise is naive in the extreme.

Further update: This slightly shorter version is still running at present, though who knows for how long.

Further further update:

A good article by the author of the film:

Enough is Enough:Ban the Koran: Translation of Geert WIlders Volkskrant piece which is causing uproar in Holland


4 thoughts on “Fitna the movie

  1. I wouldn’t even bother with YouTube. Knowing how quick they are to censor anything that gets Muslims the slightest bit pissy, it’ll be taken down before anyone can really watch it.

  2. Pablo, it was mainly a short movie simply showing different clips from real life videos and pics of Islamic extremism such as different Imams rantings on the subject of “Kill the Infidel!” and other such variations, along with extracts from the Koran that show that such acts are simply the terrorists doing Allah’s will according to the Koran. Basically, it was good little compilation showing Islam’s true nature – it’s evil nature.

  3. What a totally disturbing video Morris. The Netherlands and europe seem to have been invaded and slowly losing control of their own governments and religious freedom.

    It is still available on Youtube though you have to have a free account to view it because of the content.

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