Child murdering societies don’t deserve to survive.

From Vox Day’s article “Vampires”

The abortion industry is a vampirish business sustained by the blood of murdered children and the emotional mutilation of women. It cannot be eliminated soon enough for me. History will judge the abortion culture as savagely as we judge National Socialist Germany, and rightly so. A society that fails to have children will not survive. A society that murders great quantities of its children does not deserve to.

It’s true that a society is self judging by it’s own action, as in dying off due to not increasing it’s population as it should. But I would fear God’s judgement more, as He has always judged harshly those who murder the innocent – and who’s more innocent then an unborn babe? Remember how harshly He judged those countries who sacrificed their children to Moloch.

In the end, Vox is right on this – abortion is a most savage industry (and it is an industry, as people earn large livings by doing this) and I find it hard to comprehend the rationalisation of such butchery. Such rationalisations are the end result of atheism, with it’s unaccountability to a higher moral authority.


4 thoughts on “Child murdering societies don’t deserve to survive.

  1. Thanks for validating the stereotype of the average atheist. I now have another reference when I want to prove to my family that you people aren’t just strawmen that I’ve made up.

  2. Chillinatthecabstand, your comment is deleted. It’s not so much your bad language, but I won’t suffer personal attacks on my own blog. Disagree with me all you like, but I won’t put up with that.

  3. Such people are simply unable to understand the horror of sin such as abortion. Their hearts and minds are veiled. They just haven’t seen the light.

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