Rachel bats one out of the park..

Rachel Lucas‘ blog is one I visit often, as she has a great sense of humour and ability to see bulldust for what it is. She has the ability to see the truth with sometimes scary clarity while making me laugh my backside off. This latest piece (“Our next First Lady is really impressing me with her ability to say disturbingly stupid things in front of crowds”), though, sees through to the heart of liberalism for what it is – both a religion and an aberrant mental/spiritual condition caused by social engineering in educational institutions of one kind or another (my thoughts – not hers). Go read it and some of her other stuff. You’ll have a good laugh – at the dog pix at the very least. How can one not love the dog on the banner? Heh.


One thought on “Rachel bats one out of the park..

  1. I only go there on occasion when I remember it, but I love her blog too. It’s one of the only large blogs that actually has a real personality to it, and that doesn’t leave you feeling like she got where she is by being lucky and schmoozing her way onto the A-list.

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