Makes perfect sense….NOT!



8 thoughts on “Makes perfect sense….NOT!

  1. My friend, it would take me a heck of a lot more faith than you have to believe in the fact that things could create themselves without a creator. I’ve debated with atheists and evolutionists in forums and such often enough and still they are not able to answer which came first – the simple question “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Obviously the system which has to be there to support the ongoing cycle of egg, chicken, egg, chicken etc needed to be come into operation instantly for that cycle to continue. Describe for me if you will how such a system can *gradually* come into being?

  2. Then it’d probably help if you actually did some research to understand the mechanism of evolution rather than just setting up rather poor strawmen.

    Also, just because you are unable to grasp a solidly researched and quantified area of study such as biological evolution, does not mean that it is not true.

    What, before anyone asks, makes it true is the rather tremendous amounts of evidence indicating it is so.

  3. We’re also judging who came first through a scientific lens. Perhaps nothing created us. Maybe things just began or appeared. I think maybe as humans we can’t comprehend a system that doesn’t abide by our reasoning. The idea of God and religion serves to provide a grounding within our reasoning about what life is and where it came from.

    I however think that the idea of God is not essential to the progression of mankind. If it existed, I would simply ignore it. We’ve been doing fine and can do much better if we all reached a collective consciousness, without it.

  4. First off, no-one’s denying that micro evolution is possible – that’s proven. I’ve never seen any of the ‘missing links’ come to light though.

    There are good evidences for instantaneous creation, not yet having been explained away by evolution – such as the the discovery of Polonium Halos in granite.

    Here is a link to an article:

    To quote from that article: “Traditional science says that earth was formed from molten matter from stars and it was cooled down slowly – overy billions of years.

    Then Robert Gentry discovered one of the most intriguing mystery that challenges the traditional theory of the “creation of the earth”.

    Gentry discovered Polonium Halos in granite rocks which CANNOT have formed if the earth cools down over billions of years….

    There has not been any satisfactory explanation for this discovery, except one: that the earth was formed in a solid form within minutes !!!”

    I’ve not time at the moment to discuss more. Oh and by the way I notice you guys still avoided the question… 😛

  5. Matt, it appears you’re right and this has been discredited. I apologise for not doing my homework. However I will not comment further on this post, as you’re obviously more interested in scoring points than in actually showing interest in seeing whether there’s any truth in the existence of God. You don’t want there to be a God, so that’s it as far as you’re concerned. And you still haven’t answered the question….

  6. I’m interested in spreading credible scientific findings and showing that creationist ideas about evolution are completely wrong.

    I am not interested in if there’s any truth in the existence of a god, in that regard you are correct, for so far there is no shred of evidence to support such a hypothesis.

    I am interested in spreading science based knowledge, pointing out when sources used by others are misleading or false; such as ‘the way of the master’ lot you link to. Who can possibly forget the laughs that came out of their rather surprising claim that bananas prove there was an intelligent designer?

    Good luck.

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