1. The mistaken belief that because one is in school, one is receiving an education.

2. The act of one bragging about the experience after they graduate. Sometimes done in groups (See: circle jerk).

noun. sometimes verb, as in, “Man, I just got Eduturbated real good in class at the junior college, today!”

Sometimes confused with ‘Education’, an archaic process, no longer in use today. (See: buggy whip).

The above stolen shamelessly from Bane.

I haven’t believed in the publik skool system for some time, now. I consider them to be nothing but propaganda gulags for the most part now – schooling the kids in all kind of evil ways.


3 thoughts on “Eduturbation

  1. Sadly, many teachers today are glorified babysitters. They waste the children’s time with “life lessons” (which really is the parents’ job) and then pile on the homework which the kids need their parents to help them with (which should really be the teacher’s job).
    Propaganda gulags indeed, and most adults swallow it whole as well.

  2. College is like high school when you stray outside of the majors that don’t have a high academic barrier to entry. One of the best things that could be done to every state college would be to end all “Studies” programs and cut down Psychology, Business, Political Science, Philosophy and Sociology down to no more than between 50 and 100 students each.

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