Whitehall draws up new rules on language of terror

A new counter-terrorism phrasebook has been drawn up within Whitehall to advise civil servants on how to talk to Muslim communities about the nature of the terror threat without implying they are specifically to blame.

Huh, yeaaaahh, like that’ll work. More political correctness gone mad. More proof that the left wing moonbats just don’t get it. There’s only one thing Islam respects and that’s superior force. No talky talky dhimmi overtures from appeasing politicians is going to work with Islam. WE ALL WHO ARE NOT ISLAMIC ARE THE INFIDEL – and the infidel is to either to be killed, subjugated (dhimmitude) or deceived (taqiyya). Islam is not open to change, debate, or willingness to see another point of view.

Islamic communities are complicit in all of Islams atrocities due to the fact of their deathly silence when their more fundamental brothers commit some atrocity against the Jews or others. Yeah, I know there’s sometimes a half-hearted token bleat against some act or other, but it’s usually not credible since there’s no follow-up action against their terrorist brothers. They simply don’t dare – they know what the result would be.

What the hell is it with these politicians and the lala land they live in. They seem to sincerely believe that if there’s enough talk that they can change Islam’s point of view. Sorry, not in the real world I’m afraid. It will get to the point where bombs and bullets will be the only thing that will stop them. That, or an act of God Himself. This is an implacable foe who will not shudder at anything no matter how barbaric to make all infidels fall in line with Allah’s wishes.


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