Assertiveness courses to ‘help Muslim women resist Al Qaeda’

From the UK, this article shows how out of touch with reality government leaders can be.


Muslim women should be sent on assertiveness training courses as part of the fight against extremism, say government ministers.

Lessons in confidence building and communication will help them resist intimidation or recruitment by Al Qaeda or other violent or hardline groups, they believe.

And what good is that going to do against an ideology that has no intention of allowing their women to act freely??

These foolish government people believe the lie that only part of Islam is the problem – that the ‘peaceful’ Muslims can be brought around to a better way of thinking and behaving. I’ve news for them and it’s all bad. Islam is the problem. The whole religion is infected by the corruption of the Koran – there’s no escaping the fact that this so-called ‘scripture’ preaches intolerance, oppression and even death to those who are the infidel. This same book preaches cruelty and subservience of women to the point of being treated even worse than animals in countries run by Islam (think Saudi Arabia.)

The very language those government officials use shows their mind set: “Oh, only the extremists are a problem.” Once again, all of Islam as a religion is extremist.   Then again, I’m at the point of being so cynical about government that I’m inclined to believe that they are aware that Islam is the problem but are more interested in keeping the status quo or even outright power than in dealing with the problem.


4 thoughts on “Assertiveness courses to ‘help Muslim women resist Al Qaeda’

  1. There is also the possibility that they know about the problem and are just putting up an appearance of doing something about it with no intention of ever doing anything real to combat it. Was that badly worded or what? :/

  2. All the assertiveness training will do is make these women stronger and more confident that radical Islam is right about the West.

  3. Morris,

    Yes, Islam is the problem. I get tired of hearing that the bad guys have hijacked lovely peaceful Islam blah blah blah.

    There are not 2 Islams, one nice and one barbaric.

    There is only 1 Islam, and it is unspeakably awful.

    In Australia we have some very assertive Muslim women who go into schools and community venues telling naive Westerners that Islam is the religion of peace. The last thing these women need is MORE assertiveness training.

    Those of us trying to raise awareness desperately need the training, plus security protection for when the Muslims react against the truth getting out.

  4. Yes, I heard something deeply appalling on the radio yesterday as I was driving home from a medical test. There is much going on in secret among these Muslim groups–genital mutilation among young girls–according to a spokesperson. The fear is that it is coming to the U.S. but kept quiet about. It is said to have been justified somewhere in the Koran. How sad and wretched and utterly deplorable.

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