The Bourne Ultimatum – worth watching

What a great movie – at least as good as if not better than the previous two; “The Bourne Identity” & “The Bourne Supremacy”.

This third movie ties up the story started and continued in the previous two.    It has the same style of camera work and music, but most importantly continues with a good story which keeps you guessing till the end (which, by the way is quite satisfying).

Get it, watch it.


6 thoughts on “The Bourne Ultimatum – worth watching

  1. I haven’t seen it quite, yet. But convincing me isn’t something you would have to do. If the 3rd is better, it just makes me want to see it sooner.


  2. Personally, I thought it wasn’t as good as the second. Still a good movie, but not quite as good as the second one.

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