New home

Well, as you can see I’ve made a move to WordPress. The importer worked smoothly in importing my posts over from Blogger and so far things are looking good. I just need to find out how to import Haloscan comments over. There are some scripts available as plug-ins for WordPress it would seem from the little research I’ve done via Google, so in the next few days I’ll play around and see what I can (or cannot) do.

I’d gotten tired of Blogger’s inadequacies.

Update: It seems it is possible to use plugins to do a transfer and match up of the Haloscan comments with the posts – but unfortunately only if I use a host other than Some clever guys out there have written scripts that can do it easy. do not allow the upload of plugins by users. Bummer! I just can’t afford to pay for a different host right now, so I’m sorry guys, but the Haloscan comments will have to remain MIA for now. Perhaps later…


10 thoughts on “New home

  1. Welcome to Word Press! When I get around to having a blog again, it will definitely be a Word Press blog. That is what I had before it got rudely removed from blogdom without even a chance to save what I wanted from it. I would recommend that you do not take anyone up on hosting that has had a history of conflict with your family. Oh well….

    I’m glad that you are recovering. I need to reformat my computer again as several programs are not working and the sound disappeared so it does no good to even use Skype right now. Rick’s laptop got taken out by lightning last summer so we are pretty crippled right now. Since we suspect that our computer may be breached by same said person above, we are using the internet a lot less, too, and trying to figure out how to deal with that.

    May G-d bless you dear brother!

    Love and shalom,

  2. Serena, I’m so glad to hear from you. I’m sure the troubles you had from that person are from the devil, since you are in God’s will – and those who are will always be opposed strongly by the evil one.

    I hope you had a good Christmas.

  3. You could always use Hosting Matters. They will give you a basic hosting package for $6. Last I heard, Instapundit, Evangelical Outpost and a few others are hosted there. I’ve used them for about two years now, without any problems.

  4. Ok, thanks Mike. I’ll have a look at them. I didn’t see you comment till a little while ago. For some reason Akismet classed your comment as spam.

  5. Morris if you go to the tab that controls Akismet you will find that the default setting makes any post with a link a spam comment. If you set it to 3 links most spam will be caught and ligit commenters with links will not get caught in the filter.

    That has been my experience, and how I have set mine.

    BTW nice new place.

  6. Eaglewood, I’d already set that to three, but Spammer Mike still got caught! heh. Who knows why…

  7. Haloscan is not worth having. I enjoyed the comment moderation that blogger has now. I may look into wordpress for a new blog if I ever get slowed down on all the volunteer work I have found in retirement. I have been too busy lately to even visit my favorite weblogs much. I will try to do better in visiting you Morris because you have written well what you have to say in a right wing sort of way. ==evil grin==

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