Happy Christmas to all my online friends

I want to say to you all that I hope you have a good day.

Our Lord never asked us to celebrate His birthday. If anything we have the command to celebrate instead His death and resurrection. On the other hand it is good to meditate on the wonder of the Lord of all and creator of the same lowering Himself to being born into a human body so He could live a sinless life and be a perfect sacrifice for our sins.

This date the 25th December is certainly not the right date, any more than the way we celebrate is anything other than tradition that is mostly pagan. I’m not one to particularly care about the gift giving and all the other guff the commercial world encourages. My loved ones know I care and I do take the time on this day to call and tell them I love them. If my loved ones were into the gift giving I probably would put some effort into that side of things, but they don’t care about that any more than I do. Bless them, they far prefer to hear me telling them than to have me ‘prove’ it to them with presents. There are times when I do enjoy gift giving, but that happens at any time and I don’t associate it with Christmas or birthdays. There are many words and actions that come from the heart and are a far better proof of love and which happen naturally from a loving heart. My own friends certainly proved that (and in spades!) with my recent heart attack, operation and recovery.

So, despite not being a believer in this whole modern Christmas thing, I do wish all those who do enjoy it a great day of remembrance of Him our Savior and a day full of peace and love. Happy Christmas, my friends.


3 thoughts on “Happy Christmas to all my online friends

  1. Merry Happy Christmast to you (a week late!). So glad you are recovering nicely from your heart thingy. Have a happy and healthy 2008!

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