More proof of the evil of Islam (as if it’s needed)

I saw this video over at Pam Geller’s ‘Atlas Shrugs’ blog. To say I’m filled with disgust is an understatement. This kind of rationalizing of evil is evil in it’s purest form, and since much of the same kind of abuse of women and young female children goes on in Islamic countries, it just shows how demonic this religion is. We think there is no way any normal thinking person can possibly justify this kind of stuff, but here it is. In our fallen human state we are all capable of just about any evil if we sear our consciences long enough and are propagandized enough, but I’m glad this kind of evil still fills me with loathing.

I will add the usual rider – don’t hate the Muslim people, as they are terribly deceived. But we should sure hate this religion – I sure do.


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