A big wake-up call….

Hello all.

I dropped off the edge of the world for a while due to having a heart attack.

Here’s the story in short.

On Sunday night the 14th Oct 11.30 I had the attack. From the type and the locality of the pain I had no doubt what was happening, so I immediately called the Aust emergency services line ( 000 over here ) to get an ambulance to me. They got me to hospital quickly and stabilized. The next week was spent in having tests and setting up a surgery date for a bypass operation – which turned out to be five arteries needing to be bypassed. That operation was done on Mon 22nd and I’ve since been recovering well, arriving home from hospital today.

It’s at times like these a guy finds out just how fortunate he is in the friends he has. They have been pure gold in all of this and I appreciate them more than they can know. To Dave, Amanda, Ann, Jim, and Gail – thank you dear friends. Very large thanks also to my friends on the ‘Teepee Friends’ forum, who were so concerned at my disappearance that they ended up doing a masterly detective job via the net to find me and discover what happened.

Of course most thanks must go to the Lord God who has preserved my life for His own purposes. Quite a few people have been praying for me and those prayers have been answered.


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