The Great Global Warming Swindle

I guess most of my visitors might have seen this film already, but I thought it was worth repeating. There is an alternative link here at the Australian ABC site. There are a couple of other tabs with discussion of the film on the same site. Watching the ‘debate’ on the film after it’s viewing left me in no doubt how much this (global warming) has become a religion rather than rational scientific discussion, as the commentator Tony Jones did a *coff* really balanced *coff coff* job of debating it’s veracity or otherwise. But it should not have surprised me too much, as the Aust ABC is well known as a left wing refuge.

A very good point brought out by one of the scientists who was showing graphs from ice cores taken from the Arctic. It showed that the CO2 levels followed rather than preceded levels of temperature, which would not happen if CO2 was the cause. Such minor truths are as always of course discarded by the high priests and acolytes of the global warming religion.


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