Atheism and the Empty Glass

Ran across this interesting article today.

An excerpt.

Clearly, what a person believes at a deep and pervasive level has an incredible impact on the sort of person one becomes and how one handles life. And the single most important component of a person’s deep belief-structure is his/her answer to “What comes to you mind when you hear the word `God’?”

This is why, all things being equal, atheists are a dysfunctional lot. Studies have suggested that the more secular one is, the more one has difficulties in health, sleep, sexual satisfaction, mood and disposition. And if Bill O’Reilly is correct that the left is increasingly filled with secular progressives, we have one explanation for why they seem to be such a troubled, angry lot. After all, it’s hard to see a glass half full when there’s No One there and nothing with which to fill it.

I know this – having come from a very damaged background, without a belief in the reality of God and the afterlife I would have have definitely committed suicide by now. He (God) has carried me through and has healed me is so many ways, that despite the times when I struggle within with the lies that the evil one tries to get me to believe again, yet I know that He is real. I am struggling right now and would appreciate prayer on my behalf.


A heartfelt thank you to all of you who have been praying for me. Thank you.


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