UK: Children face criminal checks from the cradle

Does anyone else find this to be as monstrous as I do?

I don’t believe Australia is far behind, or the US either.


Checks will be made on all children to identify potential criminals under an extension of the “surveillance state” announced by Tony Blair.

A Downing Street review of law and order also foreshadowed greater use of sophisticated CCTV, an expanded DNA database and “instant justice” powers for police.

The review is intended to chart a course for the next 10 years by focusing more “on the offender, not the offence”.

We’ve lost so much freedom to the creeping regulations of government, often couched in terms which make it seem it’s for our good. And since such regulations give a false impression of safety and security to the general population, it’s accepted at face value more often than not. But the problem with increased big brother regulation is that it actively encourages irresponsible living in too many cases (I’m mainly talking about welfare statism here). Think of anything that you might want to do where your house or property is concerned. You have to get a permit, right? You want to educate your children yourself via homeschooling? Frowned on at the very least. Here in West Australia you can do it (still, but for how long?) but it must be supervised by government. It’s illegal in Germany and most of you would have heard of the recent taking away of a girl from a family who’s only ‘crime’ was to homeschool. Look up ‘Agenda 21’ on the UN site – you’ll find the intent there is to eventually regulate all movements of any populace.
And there are so many more instances – you only have to do a little research with an open mind to see what’s going on. The world is clearly being readied for world government.

Come soon Lord Yeshua.


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