The UN ‘Human Rights’ Council contunues its anti-Semitism

The United Nations is set to make official its exaggerated focus on Israel by establishing a permanent investigation of the Jewish state’s alleged violations of international law.

“Since its creation last June to replace the overly biased Human Rights Commission, the Human Rights Council has passed eight resolutions against Israel, and none against any other nation.

Additionally, the council has met in three special sessions to condemn the Jewish state.

Meanwhile, a full-fledged human rights crisis in Darfur, as well as religious and political discrimination and persecution in any number of nations has all been ignored.”

This council was a replacement because it was perceived that the original UN Human Rights Commission was perceived to be ‘overly biased’. So what are this mob? Wholly biased? Their whole agenda seems to be to slam Israel in whatever way it can. Antisemitism is an obsession that is once again overtaking the world.


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