Random Musings

I thought I’d just do some random ramblings tonight. Pablo started this, perhaps we should start calling it “doing a Pablo” *grin*

I was watching TV tonight and saw a local ad for giving aid to educating people about ‘global warming’. Since most of the so called evidence for it is junk science, I don’t give it any credence. Which is why when I saw they were calling it ‘Cool Aid’ I fell off the couch laughing, as it immediately brought to mind “KoolAid’ and not drinking too much of it thereof… [dying laughing here – writing this started me off again]

I was going to head down south and visit my friends there, as this is a long weekend here in West Aussie (Foundation Day – celebrating the establishment of Perth}. I injured myself at work late yesterday by pulling a muscle in my arm. It didn’t seem too bad last night, but was hurting like hell this morning, so I decided to cancel the trip. Major bummer – I was looking forward to that.

Just finished watching ‘Scent of a Woman’ for the umpteenth time. That has to be one of the best movies ever made, and Al Pacino deserved the Oscar he got for it – even though I’ve mostly lost any respect I might have had for the awards.

I’m still playing ‘Elder Scroll IV – Oblivion’ – I wonder if I’ll ever finish this game…

Update on ‘Cool Aid’.

It didn’t quite work out…


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