Left Allows Europe to Fall to Muslims

I ran across this excellent article which can easily apply to any Western country that will not learn the lesson of what’s happening in Europe.

Some excerpts:

‘Perhaps for the first time in history, we are witnessing the death of a civilization not due to outside forces stronger militarily but because “instead of fighting the threat, Europeans have simply given up, and do not want to fight.” Pacifism in Europe runs so deep that it goes beyond a reluctance to take up military arms and extends to not even battling verbally, be it with laws or assertive opinion, or by fighting for Western culture even in routine social conversations.’

‘The lesson for the United States (and Australia [comment mine]) is clear. So as not to fall and disintegrate as is Europe, we need strong national patriotism, a genuine belief in the West’s Judeo-Christian heritage and religion, and a conviction that our inherited culture and civilization is best for us and has been the true source of our blessings, success and freedom. Bereft of these deep and abiding associations, what is there to fight for?

‘Out of fear, Europe is appeasing. It has become a supplicant. Out of guilt, Europe is acquiescing. Out of years of self-criticism, it no longer feels worthy. Cynicism has lead to defeatism. Pacifisim has replaced religion. They believed in the parity of everything, so they now believe in nothing — not even themselves. They, not the enemy, are orchestrating their own national demise.’

We can clearly see this is also well advanced in the US and Australia. We can see that the will to destroy our Christian based culture is clearly being stated by atheists (desire to destroy any mention of God), homosexuals (want to destroy any morality opposing their warped sexual desires), and a culture that in general has become self-centred to the max and will brook no opposition to their evil desires.

It’s clearly seen in the squashing of any Christian opposing of evil, but allowing all sorts of outrageous Islamic teachings, comments, and acts that are anti-west to go unchallenged for fear of offence – right here in our faces in our own crumbling societies.


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