I’m a very relieved man this morning

You all know of my friends Dave & Amanda who I visit down south near Albany.

I’ve been very worried about them as there has been a large bush fire raging through the Perongerup National Park which is where they live.

I’ve been trying to contact them today to find out if they’re ok.

I finally got a call back from Dave this morning telling me he and his family are ok.
I have no shame in saying I burst into tears from relief and gratitude to our Lord for keeping them safe.

They had been evacuated to Mt Barker (a nearby town) and are waiting to hear whether they even have a home to go back to. They are at a motel at present, and that is not easy with four kids and themselves in one small room.

I’d appreciate it if you all kept them in your prayers.


I’ve had another call this evening. The house is ok, but they are without power and will be for a couple of days. Dave’s previous preparations have paid off in that he anticipated this possibly happening. He has a decent generator and enough fuel to keep it running for 3 days, so their food will remain good. It is still possible the fire may flare up again even though the wind is calm for now, so Amanda and the kids will remain with friends in town just in case. Dave will remain at the house to keep an eye on things. The car will be ready for a quick exit if necessary, though.

So God has been good to them. Thank you, Father.

Further update:

The whole family is now back home, and for the most part any further danger from the fire is gone. Their property is untouched by the fire. Dave drove the road a short way to have a look. He said it’s quite eerie with white ash everywhere.
It was not all that far away that the fire turned aside. I personally believe it was the hand of God protecting them.


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