Welcome to the criminalisation of Christianity

A telling article from WorldNetDaily By Janet L. Folger.


Before I could go through the metal detectors to get to the courtroom, a Navy official had already taken Jesus’ name in vain. No trial for that. No penalty. No problem. But use the name in reverence, in honour or in prayer, and you’ll find yourself looking in the face of a court-martial. Welcome to the criminalisation of Christianity.

This case is really about Navy Secretary Donald C. Winter, who ordered that every chaplain in the Navy worship his god – the “government god” of “non-sectarian” goodness who has no name and certainly no son by whom someone might be offended. But Chaplain Klingenschmitt told Navy Secretary Nebuchadnezzar, uh, I mean Winter, that he couldn’t bow to his government god and had to proclaim the God of the Bible – who has a Son with an illegal name.

So Chaplain Klingenschmitt spoke the Gospel aboard ship, prayed in that illegal name and preached from that “offensive book” – much to the detriment of his career. But it’s a good thing he did, particularly for a sailor who heard the message of the Gospel and dedicated his life to Christ – just before being killed in a motorcycle accident.

In fact, Klingenschmitt was punished in writing for reading an “illegal verse,” and Naval Judge Anita Blair upheld the reprimand. What was the illegal verse?
[WARNING! If you are a member of the United States Navy, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT read this verse out loud, or face court martial!]

He who believes in the Son has everlasting life; and he who does not believe the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him. – John 3:36

Of course, you have “the right to remain silent,” but if you use that right much longer, those are the words you’ll hear before you see the inside of a prison cell. Because if they criminalise Chaplain Klingenschmitt today, tomorrow it’s you.

We have already lost more of our freedoms than we realise, in the West. Political correctness is stripping away our freedoms at an alarming speed.
I was discussing this with a dear friend and brother in Christ just a few days ago. I pointed out that due to the extreme regulating of our lives by the govt bureaucracies, we have lost a lot of freedom via stealth.

We have in Australia lost the right several decades ago to bear firearms. A population of a country must never allow themselves to be disarmed. When leaders become power hungry and lust after complete control, what is among the first things they try to do? To find a way to disarm the people of their country. Look at the histories of all previously free peoples that came under the sway of despots – they always disarmed the people first.

We have had our share of losing the right to speak truth here in Australia – the case of two pastors in the Eastern states of Australia being a good case in point.
They were prosecuted and convicted of a ‘hate crime’ – they preached against homosexuality.
This and many more incidents that will never see the light of day media-wise.

Enjoy your freedoms while you still have them, as we won’t for too much longer unless we stand up to those doing their best to take them away. There is an overarching agenda happening worldwide. Have a read on ‘Agenda 21’ on the UN site – if that doesn’t raise the hackles on the back of your head then not much will.

They will give us many illusory freedoms (they love to keep us entertained) but step outside those bounds and find out just how free we really are. We’re being given the freedom to worship any god we want EXCEPT Jesus Christ the Messiah of the Bible.


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