As the storm of war approaches

An excellent insightful article by Caroline B. Glick.

Excerpts are in italics.

The clouds of the coming war are converging upon Israel. But the Jewish State’s political and military leaders refuse to look up at the darkening sky.

The Russian bear has awakened after fifteen years of hibernation. Under the leadership of former KGB commander President Vladimir Putin, Russia is reasserting its traditional hostility towards Israel.

I’ve long believed that Putin is a very dangerous man. It’s been obvious for quite some time that he wants to make Russia a centre of power again, at any cost. His allying himself with Islam (Iran, etc) is not surprising,as his hatred of the West is obvious (despite claims of ‘friendship’).

The interesting thing is that the Gog/Magog scenario described in prophecy in God’s Word is coming together quite fast now. Highly interesting times now and just ahead, my friends.

Mosnews news service reported on Wednesday that the engineers will be protected by commando platoons from Russia’s 42nd motorised rifle division permanently deployed in Chechnya. According to the report, these commando platoons are part of the Vostok and Zapad Battalions both of which are commanded by Muslim officers who report directly to the main intelligence department of the Russian Army’s General Staff in Moscow. The Vostok Battalion is commanded by Maj. Sulim Yamadayev who Mosnews refers to as a “former rebel commander.”

With the deployment of former Chechen rebels as Russian military commandos in Lebanon, the report this week exposing Russia’s intelligence support for Hezbollah during the recent war takes on disturbing strategic significance.

According to Jane’s Defense Weekly the Russian listening post on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights provided Hezbollah with a continuous supply of intelligence throughout the conflict.

Much still remains to be reported about the impressive intelligence capabilities that Hezbollah demonstrated this summer. But from what has already been made public, we know that Hezbollah’s high degree of competence in electronic intelligence caused significant damage to IDF operations. Now we learn that Moscow stood behind at least one layer of Hezbollah’s intelligence prowess.

Moscow’s assistance to Hezbollah was not limited to intelligence sharing. The majority of IDF casualties in the fighting were caused by Russian-made Kornet anti-tank missiles that made their way to Hezbollah fighters through Syria. Indeed, as we learn more about Russia’s role, it appears that Russia’s support for Hezbollah may well have been as significant as Syria’s support for the terror organisation. And now we have Chechens in Lebanon.

Russian backing of Hezbollah, like its support for Syria and Iran has been matched by its extreme, Cold War-esque hostility towards Israel. On Tuesday, Channel 2 reported that for the past few months Putin has been obsessively demanding that the government transfer proprietary rights and control to the Russian government over the Russian Compound, which has served as a police station since the British Mandate, and other Russian historical buildings in central Jerusalem.

Putin’s demand, which has no legal foundation or diplomatic precedent, exposes startling disrespect for Israeli sovereignty. According to Channel 2, Russian diplomats have been raising this obnoxious demand at the start of every meeting they have had with Israeli officials for the past several months. This most recently reported slap in the face joins a long list of diplomatic crises that Russia has fomented in the past few months.

In just one example, last month the Russians cancelled the Russia-Israel trade fair in Tel Aviv on the eve of its opening. Russian businessmen who had already arrived in Israel and were unable to get flights home the day of the announcement, were ordered by the Russian embassy to remain in their hotel rooms until they returned to the airport for the first available flight to Russia.

Then there is Russia’s unstinting support for Iran’s nuclear weapons program. During the latest of his frequent visits to Tehran, Tuesday Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced, yet again, that Russia opposes all international sanctions against Iran. Indeed, since Iran’s nuclear program was exposed three years ago, Russia has acted as Iran’s defender against every US attempt to galvanise the international community to take action to prevent Iran from achieving nuclear weapons capabilities.

In 1967 Russia played a central role in fanning the flames of war in Syria. In the months that preceded the Six Day War, Moscow fed Damascus a steady diet of false intelligence indicating that Israel was planning to invade. In the summer of 1973, the Soviets also encouraged Syria to join Egypt in invading Israel.

Whether or not Russia is interested in fomenting the next war, its intentions are less relevant than how Russia’s extreme positions are interpreted by the Arabs. Judging by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s recent bellicose speeches, it appears that Damascus believes that Russia will support Syria if it goes to war against Israel. In his latest address regarding Syria’s willingness to go to war if Israel doesn’t fork over the Golan Heights forthwith in “peace negotiations,” Assad made clear his belief that whatever its level of intensity, a Syrian war against Israel could well advance his interests.

Russian influence is also evident in Assad’s “peace” rhetoric. His protestations of willingness to conduct negotiations with Israel are taken directly from the Soviet playbook. As the reactions the speech elicited from leaders of the pro-Syrian camp in the Israeli Left like Maj. Gen. (ret.) Uri Saguy, Education Minister Yuli Tamir, Ha’aretz columnist Yoel Marcus, and MK Azmi Bishara made clear, all that is needed to manipulate Israeli public opinion regarding Syrian intentions is a hollow and disingenuous Syrian announcement: If we abide by all of Damascus’s demands, (something Damascus will never allow us to do), then Syria will give us “peace,” and if we don’t, then the responsibility for the war that will ensue will be our own.

Same old Russia. The bear hasn’t changed, it just went into hibernation until God puts the hook in their jaw.

And as I’ve said before, the only peace any infidel will get from Islam is the peace of the grave or of the dhimmi, and neither of those will give you the true peace of He whose eyes are always on Israel.

Any objective observer of the developments in our region understands that the storm of war is rapidly approaching us. With Moscow’s blessing, the Palestinians, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran are steadfastly preparing for battle.

As she says, it’s obvious.


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