Intimidating the West

Another good article by Daniel Pipes.


What rouses Muslim crowds and what does not is somewhat unpredictable. Rushdie’s novel was not nearly as offensive to Muslim sensibilities as a host of other writings, medieval, modern, and contemporary. Other American Evangelists said worse things about Muhammad than did Falwell (Jerry Vines called the Muslim prophet “a demon-possessed paedophile who had 12 wives,” without violence ensuing). Why did Norwegian preacher Runar Søgaard’s deeming Muhammad “a confused paedophile” remain a local dispute while the Danish cartoons went global?

No conspiracy lies behind these six rounds of inflammation and aggression, but examined in retrospect, they coalesce and form a single, prolonged campaign of intimidation, with more sure to come. The basic message — “You Westerners no longer have the privilege to say what you will about Islam, the Prophet, and the Qur’an, Islamic law rules you too” — will return again and again until Westerners either do submit or Muslims realise their effort has failed.

That last paragraph is a telling one, isn’t it? As long as we give in to this type of bullying by Muslims, we are already in dhimmitude.


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